The Ocean Seeping Through My Fingers

Silkscreen on chiffon

1m x 24 meters and 1m x 10 meters


The Ocean Seeping Through My Fingers is a response to the landscape between the movement/the migrations of physical space, and the multiplicities of an abstract representation when dealing with notions of home; leaving an emotional impact behind through reacting to memories and moments.

Working with the concept of the Mashrabiya – an Architectural Veil; which used in this context to explore the materiality of the conceptual elements of distortion, fragmentations and layering within the work, while the process of repeated patterns on the sheer fabric is a way of coping with a sense of place.

Shredded photographs are adhered to one another completely dissociating the image, leaving behind a gestural shape representative of the emotional a memory it holds. By using the method of screen printing with a singular patter exposed on a screen, movement and variation is created with each repeated pull creating rhythm

Organized in rows, the individuality of each mark represents the complexity and intersections emotional labour and ritual. The pattern gradually disintegrates to complete solid forms from the repeated hand printing process; the white chiffon simultaneously gets stained completely blue towards the end.

In this massive physicality both the colors as well as the emotional output leave room for reclamation and interactive healing, something to be shared with the public.

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