Even Doves Wear White to the Funeral

Wool, cotton and acrylic threads


Even doves wear white to the funeral is an offering to the collective Palestinian community. The woven tapestry is charged with textures, patterns, and colors that seek to acknowledge the multifaceted emotions that are deeply rooted within our spirit for home and belonging. There is a balance between hope and apathy and trying to process different stages of grief while also searching for joy through resistance and solidarity. The work is inspired by the unity found when found we find ourselves in when we hold space for each other.

Furthermore, the texture and gestures and shapes are an abstract representation of our roots and the land we long to see. With the repetitive nature of the weaving process, these gestural marks and textures are amplified. The earth tones and soft shades of colors combined with the coiled string communicate with each other creating an abstracted landscape that tells a story about love, sadness, pain, prosperity, and purpose.

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