Traces of Resilience

Chiffon, fabric paint and dye, chalk pastels, markers and graphite pencil 

1m x 26m 


Traces of Resilience was created exclusively for the Banat Collective showcase at UAE NOW X Art Dubai in 2019. Our goal was to collaborate with the public and  bring a sense of community and open up a dialogue about freedom of expression.The work was designed to embody the emotions, thoughts and stories about the current state of affairs with marginalized groups in the SWANA region.

Throughout the fair, visitors were able to interact with the textile work by contributing through writing and illustrative work. They were also be invited to respond to important questions/statement in prepared journals. The questions/statement were curated to collectively gather the current perceptions and ideas surrounding  identity, empowerment and the power of vulnerability.

How does your environment affect your identity?

When do you feel most empowered?

Vulnerability is power.